Pending and Past Legislation and Their Effects on the Tribal Art World

Art dealers, collectors, and public and private museums will hear the latest on legislation directly affecting their interests at a panel discussion with legal and trade experts. The 2016 Safeguard Tribal Objects of Patrimony Act (STOP Act) was a response to Hopi, Acoma, and Navajo anger sacred and ceremonial items had been sold at auction in Paris, France. STOP was a well-intentioned bill that would have created dangerous uncertainties for private owners of Indian art, and resulted in consumer confusion and a bureaucratic nightmare for the tribes. It was a serious departure from Congress’ intent to preserve scientific and academic access for the public benefit through private collections of Native American cultural objects.

A new 2017 STOP is currently being redrafted that creates the same risks. The panel will discuss the work to ensure that new legislation doesn’t taint entire the Indian art market, harm local economies, and reduce income to tribal artisans. They will explain how tribal art dealers can work together with tribes on voluntary donations of sacred and ceremonial objects, establish positive relationships and explore new paths for communication between tribes and the arts community.

Moderator: Kim Martindale
Panelists: Mark Blackburn, Kate Fitz Gibbon and Bob Gallegos.

Location: Marin Civic Center, 10 Avenue of the Flags, San Rafael
Dates: Saturday, February 18th | 1pm
Cost: Entrance is included with show admission.